Sports Massage Therapy

Paul Fisk


Why Sports Massage Therapy?

It helps to improve soft tissue relaxation and structure

It can help to reduce muscle soreness after intense physical activity (DOMS)

It can help to increase range of movement in joints (ROM)

It can help to reduce pain in soft tissue areas

It can help in post injury rehabilitation

It can be used pre event to stimulate and warm soft tissue and muscles.

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Treatments We Provide
Soft Tissue Massage Therapy
Soft tissue techniques aid recovery from injury and improve soft tissue condition and joint mobility.
Supportive Taping & Strapping

Relieve your pain

Improve joint stability

Enhance athlete confidence

Reduce injury recurrence

Prevent injury

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Applying deep strong motion to muscles, ideal for stiffness and tension, especially if caused by stress or postural conditions.